Old properties can be beautiful. They can contain so much history, remarkable architectural features and, unfortunately, poor wiring. Whilst historic houses will always have a place in our hearts, the electrical side can pose many issues. Luckily, Somerset Electrical Company is on hand to help solve those electrical nightmares you might be facing.

Whilst each historical building may have varying issues regarding the electrical installation, today we want to discuss the common issues in old properties. If you have noticed any of the following issues in your property, we are here to help.

Old Light Fixtures

While sometimes beautiful, old light fixtures can become loose, damaged, or broken, flickering bulbs or simply not turning on. This is a very common issue in old houses and might mean that you need to replace all the light fittings in your property.

Faulty Wires or Cables

Over time, wires can deteriorate, especially old wires and cables, which lead to safety concerns. If you notice that the insulation around the wires is wearing away, you need to contact a professional to replace these wires or cables.

Insufficient Plug Sockets

Many old homes do not have enough plug sockets, Whilst, not a prominent issue, it can negatively affect the layout of your room. An electrician can rewire your home to include more plug sockets where needed.

Poorly Installed Wires

Wires are installed through various places beneath or around your property; however, they might be poorly installed. If you are having electrical issues, it might be because your wires are damaged.

Dead Outlets

If you notice that some of your outlets are dead, it may be due to a simple issue such as a tripped circuit breaker. However, you might also have dead outlets due to a burnt-out connection. If you notice scorch marks around the outlet, you should call your electrician and do not use this outlet.

Modernise Your Home

Somerset Electrical Company is an established NIC EIC approved contractor operating throughout Somerset and the surrounding counties. We are happy to undertake all aspects of electrical work for your home or business, including modernising your old, historic property.

You can contact our dedicated team today, and we can discuss the requirements of your project.