When it comes to electrical installations, there cannot be any compromise when it comes to safety standards. That’s why testing, inspections and certifications are so important. Some of the most common reports include the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), also known as a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR). These checks are undertaken on your electrical installations including all of the cables, lights and sockets in your property. Once complete, the inspection will identify any areas for concern or give your property a clean bill of health.

There are certain premises that are required by law to have an EICR undertaken on a routine basis to ensure that systems and installations and their components are safe to use. While domestic properties are not obliged to have an EICR undertaken, it is recommended that you have your electrics checked every few years. Electrics are something that is often hidden under floors, behind cupboards or in wall cavities so it’s impossible to detect whether there is an issue without these inspections.

Where the installation has been passed and the electrics are in good condition, a certificate will be issued to the property owner. A date for the next inspection will also be included in the certificate. If the electrics are in a fair condition, we will issue a ‘Satisfactory’ report. If there are any issues, we may issue an ‘Unsatisfactory’ report, and this will outline the actions that you need to take to address the electrics.

Inspections, testing and certification are recommended when undertaking any new electrical installations, when you move home or when adding or altering your building. We have an excellent reputation for delivering high quality, accurate inspection reports that are tailored to your home or business.

If you would like us to undertake a one-off or routine inspection, or you need a certificate on your existing electrics, please contact our team today for all the details about how to book in an appointment.