The right kind of lighting can set the tone for your entire commercial property. If your property is too dark and dismal, it might deter customers and demotivate employees. The right lighting is meant to illuminate the space without being too overpowering.

Sometimes you might require subtle lighting or spotlights; other times, you might need the lighting to be a focal point of the room. How do you decide on which lighting is right for your commercial property, though?

We want to share a few different types of lighting that will help you decide on which lighting you need for your commercial property.

Accent Lighting

If you want to emphasise a particular object or space in your commercial property, you should opt for accent lighting. Accent lighting is brilliant if you want to draw the customer’s eye to a specific location. Many businesses use accent lighting to highlight sales items, a particular display with seasonal products, or a display shelf.

Decorative Lighting

As we mentioned, you might want lighting that is entirely decorative and artistic rather than 100% functional. If you want something visually pleasing and enticing, opt for decorative lighting that focuses more on the design than the light.

Ambient Lighting

Along with decorative and accent lighting, your commercial property will have ambient lighting, which will be your main lighting in the building. You want to ensure that both your employees, visitors and customers have enough light to see and feel comfortable. You want to ensure that the light is not too overpowering or too dim.

The amount of ambient you will have will depend on floor space, ceiling height and the area you need illuminated. Smaller commercial properties might require dimmer lighting, whereas large buildings with a lot of floor space will require more powerful lighting, to ensure every area is properly lit.

How Can We Help?

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