You want to make sure your residential property is safe and protected, which is why your electrical safety at home should be of paramount concern. This blog post will share electrical safety tips and advice to keep your residential property secure. You want to make sure you keep your family and home safe, which means preventing electrical fires where possible.

Damaged Electrical Cords

Frayed or damaged electrical cords in your home are a potential fire risk, which can be avoided by undertaking regular checks and repairs. Make sure you check your electrical cords for any noticeable signs of damage caused by furniture, foot travel or regular wear and tear.

You can reduce the likelihood of damaged cords and cables by securing them out of the way of foot traffic and not wrapping them around other objects. Avoid damaging electrical cords by not pulling them aggressively from the socket, or holding them by the plug.


When not using them, make sure to unplug appliances to reduce the likelihood of them overheating. Ensuring that your appliances have enough air circulation, this is essential to reduce overheating. Make sure your appliances are not placed near to anything flammable or inside cupboards, as this could also cause fires.

Make sure to monitor appliances such as portable heaters, as these can cause fires if they overheat or when they are put close to other flammable objects.


The position of your electrics is also an important aspect to consider when keeping your home safe. Keep your electrical appliances away from water, and only use them when you have dry hands.

Be cautious of where you place appliances in your home to prevent electrical fires.

Exhaust Fans

To further prevent fire hazards, make sure that the extractor fans in your home are clean and functioning normally. Extractor fans need to be cleaned to remove any build-up, as this could be a potential fire hazard because of overheating.

Experienced Domestic Electricians

We have over 35 plus years of experience serving our customers and have worked on all kinds of domestic electrical projects for our clients. We can help keep your residential property safe by undertaking complex electrical rewires, replacing fuse boards and even fit mains powered smoke detectors. You can contact a member of the Somerset Electrical Company today, and our experienced NICEIC accredited team will be happy to assist you with your electrical needs.