Do you know what PAT stands for? Are you aware of the benefits of a PAT test? Maybe you want to know how often your equipment should have a PAT test.

When it comes to portable appliance testing our team of approved and qualified electrical contractors are on hand to provide you with all the information you need. This blog post will share everything you need to know about a PAT test and how we can help.

Define PAT

PAT stands for ‘portable appliance testing’ and refers to the process in which electrical appliances are checked to make sure they are safe to use. Testing electrical equipment ranges from a visual inspection to verification of grounding.

Benefits of PAT

The main benefit of portable appliance testing is the prevention of accidents caused by faulty electrical equipment. This means that you value the safety of your employees and staff as you are making sure that your equipment is safe to use. This added level of security will provide your employees with peace of mind.

Other benefits of portable appliance testing are that you decrease the chances of any appliance catching fire, this ensures appliances are safe to use and can save business expenses in the long run as faulty equipment would cause damage or loss of production.

When to test your electrical appliances

How often you test your appliances depends on the type of equipment. The environment that the equipment is located in also needs to be taken into consideration. Different considerations need to be taken into account, for example, what is the appliance used for, how is it used and how much strain it has to endure. Construction sites with equipment that is always in use will need to have frequent portable appliance testing (PAT) compared to a table light in an office, for instance.

The law

While the regulations do not identify what specific actions need to be taken and how frequently, you are required to make sure all electrical equipment is safe to use. This requirement means that any business must make sure their electrical equipment that has the means to cause injury is in good working order.

Our PAT services

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