Being without electricity is not only an inconvenience, but it can severely affect your life, considering the amount of electrical appliances we have to use daily. A fuse board facilitates the usage of electricity, so as long as that is in working order, everything else should be too.
But what do you do if your fuse board needs replacing? Is it costly? What can make a fuse board need a replacement? Are there any signs to look out for?
In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know regarding fuse board replacement: How much to change a fuse board.
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What Is a Fuse Board and What Does It Do?

A fuse board, also known as a fuse box or ‘consumer unit’ is the electrical hub of your home. It ensures that electricity is delivered to each area of the home that has electrical components. Whether it be plug sockets, lights and more.
If working correctly fuse boards also work to prevent an overload of your electrical appliances, and will turn off if there is any more electricity than there should be.
It consists of 3 main components…
  • The main switch. This starts and stops the whole fuse board upon flicking the switch.
  • The fuses (also known as circuit breakers) represent the individual areas and rooms of a building. Generally, having separate fuses for each area allows for that area to become fused if there is an issue, rather than the whole building.
The residual current device. Also known as an RCD, this turns off the whole unit should it detect any electrical leakage. As a result, it can also prevent electrical shocks from the fuse board.

Can I get shocked by a fuse board?

Yes. The potential to get an electrical shock from a fuse board can exist, it can be slight, or life-threatening. Either option would indicate that the fuse board is faulty.
For the sake of safety, if your fuse board has suddenly started behaving oddly, use rubber gloves, or better yet, insulated rubber electrical gloves when going to check it as a precaution. Rubber is naturally resistant to electricity.

Can a fuse board cause a fire?

Rest assured that newer fuse board units are designed with fire prevention mechanisms. As long as they are installed by professionals, they will have little to no chance of causing a fire, provided that all the correct electrical safety measures are practised in the building.
That being said, an electrical fire from a fuse board is possible under the following conditions…
  • The fuse board is overstimulated by using an excess of extension cords for high-voltage devices.
  • The fuse board is extremely old.
  • The fuse board has not been replaced or upgraded whilst renovations have taken place.
  • The RCD has been removed or broken from the unit (this means it won’t stop the fuse board from providing electricity if there are electrical leaks).
The fuse board is physically damaged around the key functioning areas and left without repair or replacement

Fuse Board Replacement: How Much to Change a Fuse Board

On average, the removal, and replacement of a fuse board can amount to just under £500 (this includes labour). This breaks down to £75 for removal, £250 for replacing the fuse box and £150 for labour costs.
However, this is also subject to the individual costs of the electrician, or company they work for. It would be wise to get quotes from various providers before committing to one.
Of course, you must ensure that any electrician coming to undertake any work on your fuse board is ‘part P registered’ as required by law. This is where Somerset Electrical Company Ltd come into the picture.
As a service with over 35 years of experience in both domestic, industrial and commercial electrical engineering, you are in the safest hands. All of our electricians are registered, capable, qualified and experienced enough to deal with a wide array of issues.

Signs you need a fuse board replacement

  • The fuse board trips consistently despite multiple visits from an electrician.
  • Fuse boards should not be tripping for no discernable reason. If this is the cause, your fuse board may be faulty.
  • The fuse board does not come back on anymore after tripping.
  • This indicates that your fuse board is completely dead. If this is the case, ensure it is turned off completely and immediately call an electrician.
  • You can hear sounds from the fuse board, such as a loud humming.
  • You may be hearing electricity, this should not be happening and can be extremely dangerous. 
  • If your fuse board is outdated. (This can partially be determined if the fuse board constantly trips when using modern appliances). Additionally, older fuse boards have less protection from fire amongst other required safety features.
  • If the fuse board is physically broken. Attempting to repair a physically broken fuse board can leave you at risk of an electrical shock. Contact an electrician if this has happened to you. 
  • Fuses become loose or fall from the unit. Fuses should fit comfortably in their terminals, a loose fuse could spell trouble, do not attempt to reattach it, and ensure any plugs in the room or area it corresponds to are all off.
  • There is noticeable melting or burning around fuses or terminals. If this is the case with your unit, turn it off completely ASAP. Contact your electrician, and ensure All plugs and switches are off. This indicates that your unit is overstimulated, and can be a precursor to an electrical fire.
  • If the fuse board has no RCD. The  RCD ensures there is no leakage of electricity by turning the power supply off in the circuits should a leak be detected. It can also help to prevent electrical shocks.
  • If the current fuse board is full (and you are planning to renovate).
  • Your current fuse board has an asbestos flash guard. Asbestos is harmful to people if inhaled, despite its fire-resistant properties. Older technologies and buildings had been known to be made with asbestos in certain areas, it is now banned.

Do I need to replace my wiring with a new fuse board?

This is dependent on the situation, but generally, no. As long as your wiring is up to standard and can handle the amps being run through it, you do not need to replace your wiring at all. However, this may change depending on the age of the home, fuse box and wiring itself.

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