Lighting plays a big part in the atmosphere and aesthetic of your home. Sometimes you require subtle lighting, while other rooms call for a decorative lighting fixture. When you consider illuminating your space, you should consider what current lighting trends are available to see if any catch your eye.

This blog post will share some must-have lighting trends for 2021, so you can imagine what they will look like in your home.

Recessed Lighting Fixtures

You will have no doubt encountered recessed lighting fixtures before, but they have become exceedingly popular in 2021. Many people are opting for functionality over extravagant fixtures, which is why recessed lighting is so popular. These types of fixtures are the circular holes you will find in ceilings, and they can help illuminate your room.

This fixture takes up less space and offers simplicity, which is a popular trend in 2021.

Controlled Lighting

For several years, controlled lighting has started to emerge as it incorporates wireless technology that controls your room’s lighting. This type of lighting allows you to set the level and intensity of the light simply by using your phone.

This easy to use lighting trend means getting up to flick the light switch will be a routine of the past. Instead, you can stay exactly where you are to control the lights.

Eco-Friendly Lighting

Eco-friendly or sustainable lighting features are also popular in 2021 as the world tries to help the planet. Lighting fixtures that incorporate natural material such as bamboo or wood are popular choices for 2021.

Geometric Shapes

The lighting design also plays a part in lighting trends for 2021, as geometric shapes are popular. Geometric shapes offer a sense of comfort, balance and symmetry, and can involve a cluster of shapes that are seen as artistic.

Pendant Chandeliers

Finally, pendant chandeliers are growing in popularity in 2021 as they are dazzling creations that serve as a decorative and illuminating feature. A pendant chandelier is an alone feature that hangs from the ceiling and is either suspended by a chain, metal rod or cord. Pendant lights add a cosy touch to any room, as they are eye-catcher features that are ideal for bedrooms or above kitchen countertops.

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